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Welcome to the Arnprior Basketball Club - Valley Pride



With the ongoing pandemic the Arnprior Basketball Club - Valley Pride is facing unprecedented times. With the loss of gym space due to the cancellation of Community Use of Schools permits we are looking forward to the future when we are able to get back to competition. In order to allow us to work toward a smooth transition once we are able to resume play we will be having on-line registration starting on the 10th of Sept. 2020 so that we are able to determine how many athletes and coaches we need to prepare programming for.

We will not be charging any fees at the time of registration, fees will be adjusted on when we can resume play.

The basketball club does not anticipate being able to run any basketball programming until January 2021 as the school boards have advised that no permits would be approved until at least that time. The OBA released Phase 3 return to play guidelines (under which teams can train indoors with non-contact practices) but postponed the start of all of its leagues until January 2021 and we expect the EOBA to do the same. If gyms do become available in the fall we will be prepared to offer non-contact basketball (or regular basketball if the OBA moves to phase 4.


L'il Warriors Skill Development Clinics

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak L'il Warriors start date will be postponed. Parents will be notified and the start date will be posted once the crises has passed and permits are back in place.



If you have any questions regarding this program please contact Jody Moore at